Garden Treat for TREES 9.2.9 Super – Enriched Organic Fertiliser

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Garden Treat is an enriched organic pelletised fertilizer, processed from composted, locally sourced chicken manure and with added chemical fertilizer to increase the concentration.

The product contains a balanced nutrient content, specifically designed for the area or plants to fertilize. The product also contains trace elements and nutritious components that are essential for good soil quality and that promotes the growth and health of grass, plants, trees and flowers.

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Completely safe to use and low in odour and gardener friendly because of its granular texture.

Dust-free, clean and easy to handle and store.

Contains a wide range of trace elements and slow release nutrients, such as Iron, Copper, Zinc and Boron.
Its granular texture
ensures slow release.

Contains roughage, which together with air and water, improves soil texture.

Stimulates microbiological activity. Therefore micro-elements are more available to plants.

Improves soil structure through microbial and earthworm activity and assists in releasing existing nutrients
in the soil.

Pathogen and weed free and improves water retention. Ideal for water wise gardens.

Increases hummus content, thereby improving disease and drought tolerance.

Does not leach through the soil, thereby ensuring maximum nutrition.

Ideal for all soil conditions, especially sandy soils.

Get the benefit of immediate nutrient availability from the chemical component in the product, as well as the slow-release of the organic component – THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!

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