Zero Solar Light Kit

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R2,758.75 VAT included


Zero Solar Light Kit



Zero Appliances is a proudly South African company founded in 1956.

Zero AP4/20 Solar Light Kit With Device Charge (Cellphone etc) Function

Model AP4/20


Nominal System Voltage:         12V

Maximum Solar Input Voltage: 22V

Rated Solar Input:         1080mA

Open Circuit Voltage Limit: 22.14V

Short Circuit Current:         1.16A

Solar Panel Cable:         Double insulated cab tire with DC plug rated at 10 amps

LED Light Cable: Double insulated cab tire with DC plug rated at 10 amps

Leads Conductor Material: Copper

Battery Operating Range:         (cycle use) 14.4V – 15V

Battery Charging Set Points: 13.8V – 14.2V

Regulation Voltage:              14V at 25C

Float Voltage:                 13.5V

Temperature Compensation: -30mV/C to 30mV/C

Package Includes

20W Solar Panel:                                         1

9Amp Hour Battery:                                 1

3W LED Bulbs at 230 Lumens :                        4

5M Insulated Cables With fittings & On/Off Switches: 4

AP4/20 Controller With 12V Cellphone Charger :        1

End User Instruction Manual:                         1

Additional information

Weight 6.6 kg
Dimensions 51 × 41 × 17 cm

Zero Appliances

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